In order to build a successful brand image, the foundation of which is a company’s logo, it is important to first understand what a logo is and what makes it necessary and valuable to your business.

A logo is a unique graphical depiction of your company that represents your products, services and values. It may, or may not include an image/icon but the shape, color, typeface, etc. are uniquely designed for ready recognition by a desired audience.

An effective logo is fully decipherable and easily identifiable at first-glance. It lends credibility to the brand image you are trying to build through the quality of your products, services, and customer interactions and reinforces that image to your audience with each use.

Because logos are meant to represent companies’ brands and foster immediate customer recognition, creating an effective logo requires a complete understanding of who and what the logo is meant to represent, the brand it is supposed to portray and who it is supposed to attract.

Therefore, effective logo creation takes experience, expertise and careful consideration. While clipart and “do-it-yourself” options may be quick and easy, the final product often lacks the qualities needed to make it as effective as it could – and should – be.

It is important to not view your logo as a commodity but rather, an investment in the long-term success of your marketing efforts. As a result, you need to consider the effectiveness and longevity of the logo you are developing. Is it unique? Does it speak to appropriately about you, fit your market and connect withyour desired audience? Will it help you take your business to the next level and later, sustain you? Like any good investment, you should only have to do it once, the right way, in order to be successful.

During the creation process, it is important that both you and your designer are objective, keeping your goals and audience in mind. Most importantly, remember that a good logo should be:

  • describable
  • memorable
  • effective without color
  • scalable (works when just 1″ in size)
  • appropriate

Follow these guidelines and you can ensure you are not only getting a good value, but creating value in your logo as well. A valuable logo is an effective one.