It really isn’t. It’s about your audience. Your marketing materials have to convince someone to work with you, or minimally, to learn more. Unless you are able to connect with your audience from the get-go and explain how you can fulfill THEIR needs, your marketing materials will not have the lasting impact they will need in order to be a helpful selling tool to you.

In print, too much text will be difficult to digest and will bore your reader. Too many images can be visually overwelming. With print, less is more, especially when your message is purposeful and your content, meaningful.

Choose your content carefully. Keep your message simple and straight-forward. Remember that your marketing materials are a tool to help you get your foot in the door but that they will not, and should not, be a substitute to you being your “best salesperson”. And don’t be afraid to ask for an outside opinion. You may be too close to this to make objective decisions about your content. Someone unfamiliar with your business may give you needed perspective to help you better connect with your desired audience.

Don’t forget to keep your logo in perspective as well. Your logo is important, but it is meaningless if your reader doesn’t first understand what you do and how it will benefit THEM. Look in a magazine – you’ll see all of the advertisements have large, interesting images as their main focal point – not their logos. Draw your reader in by using a strong visual that connects with them on an emotional level and yet, also reinforces your message. Your logo should appear smaller and in the corner, where the reader ends their review and their eye lingers. With this combination, your ad will be optimitized to help the reader understand AND remember what you do as well as who you are, making it a successful advertising tool.