Whether you are designing it yourself, or working with a professional, there are two important considerations before you begin.

Identify your goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Focus on one goal that we can build the piece around. Are you selling something? Inviting people to an event? Identifying this goal gives your piece its direction.

Identify your audience. Who is receiving this piece? Audiences of different ages, genders and cultures will respond differently to photographs, font selections, copy and colors. Know who you are speaking to so you can create a design that appeals to them and connects with them. This connection is the key.

Content and design are of equal importance when it comes to print, whether it is a brochure, print ad, website, or tradeshow sign. Careful consideration should be paid to your message, the arrangement of your content, grammar, punctuation and overall look. All of these things should be done with purpose and should be developed specifically to meet the goals you’ve identified and the audience you are trying to reach.